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Our goal in every partnership is to deliver highest quality of service by which we gain trust of our clients to completely leave their financial part of business to us.

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What do we offer

Every kind of business today, due to extensive legal regulation, has become complex and potentially risky. That is why we want to offer safety to our clients and minimize any business risks.

Our mission is to completely protect owners of companies from negative financial and reputation consequences that irregularities or intentional frauds can cause, by rendering services of audit and fraud examination.

We also make it possible for our clients to attain significant cost reductions by offering high quality of service and our associates for their business with services like accounting outsourcing and rent-an-accountant. In this way we can completely take over accounting within our offices and with our program, while rent-an-accountant service offers professional associate who supervises accounting department in our client’s offices.

Our services

We offer you the following services:

Our audit is directed to our client’s needs which are the needs of the owner or the management.
Fraud examination and forensic analysis
Every company can be a victim of fraud, bribery, or corruption that can lead to financial losses and great damage to company's reputation.
Business planning and Investment studies
We help in analysis of market opportunities, business planning, investment studies, and project financial flow.
Accounting outsourcing
Outsourcing allows you to leave the activities that are not your core business to financial experts.
Based on years of experience in audit and accounting profession, we created a new model by which small companies can attain significant cost reductions.
Business and tax consulting
Focus of our consulting is based on measurable competitive advantages for our clients.
Assistance with Setting up a Company in Croatia
Assistance with setting up a company (LLC with a share capital of 20.000 HRK, approx 2.700 EUR) and informing entrepreneurs about Croatian business regulations and laws.

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