Fraud investigation and forensic analysis

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Fraud examination and forensic analysis

Every company, regardless of internal and external oversight or audit’s positive opinions, can be under influence of a fraud, tampered financial statements, bribery, and corruption that can lead to significant financial losses and compromised reputation to the company.

Our team for forensic audit (discretely) offers examination in case of any suspicion or damages, and can help you prove damages as well as analyze your internal oversight in order to reduce risk of fraud in your organization.

We can offer the following:

  • Fraud and manipulation investigation, based on suspicion or preventively.
  • Special investigation for the purpose of judicial documentation
  • Data analysis for legal purposes as well as judicial expertise
  • Recommendations for optimization of your organization and risk control for financial frauds
  • Implementation of preventive measures and oversight and determining of Red flags
  • Business partner financial statement analysis for the purpose of ensuring solvency, credibility, and isolation of various risk indicators in order to avoid uncollectable debts or frauds
  • Calculation of damages, arrears, and costs, as well as legal default interest for all kinds of claims and litigations

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