Business planning and Investment studies

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Business planning and Investment studies

We help you create new opportunities as well as upgrades to the existing business model

Business plan in written form describes and analyses business model with detailed projections of business development and performance. Demonstrates financial effects of Start-up or additional expansion of the existing company in detail.

Process of creation of business plan has numerous competitive advantages and uses for an entrepreneur. Detailed plan with detailed analyses and projections show profitability of starting or expanding a business according to desired model.

Business planning is necessary and relevant because it helps organizations to successfully deal with important events, helps with decision-making, and most importantly helps in avoiding distractions and hesitations of entrepreneurs in business.

Business planning advances business concept, management, adverse circumstances and events absorption, and most importantly increases business success chances. Most investors and business angels, as prerequisite, require existing formal business plan or investment study.

Creditors, or banks, always require existing business plan or investment study, depending on the amount of financial resources invested in the project. Business plan is recommended for amounts up to HRK 700.000 while an investment study is recommended for higher amounts. Since banks manage “other people’s” money, they have specific risk management policies, and are very conservative when approving loans. They require investment study or business plan to ensure that invested funds will be paid back with required interests.

Premium core d.o.o. create investment studies and business plans pursuant to standards and recommendations of HBOR on content and structure.

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