Assistance with Setting up a Company in Croatia

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Assistance with Setting up a Company in Croatia

We provide assistance with setting up a company (LLC with a share capital of 20.000 HRK, approx 2.700 EUR) and informing entrepreneurs about Croatian business regulations and laws. We assist you with company name check service, registration at Commercial Court, registration at Croatian institute for statistics, opening a bank account, VAT registration at Tax authority, registration at Croatian Pension Insurance Institute etc, to accounting and bookkeeping services or tax and regulations advisory.

Steps in setting up a company

  • Company name check at local Commercial Court
  • Preparation of Company formal registration
  • Preparation of Memorandum of Company notarization and registration within Commercial Court
  • Creation of official seal and registration at Croatian Statistics Institute
  • Opening of a business Bank account
  • Registration at Croatian TAX Authority for VAT number and Foreign Trade
  • Registration within Croatian Pension Insurance Institute (HZMO) and Croatian Health Insurance Institute (HZZO)
  • Assistance with employees application forms and registrations
  • Other administrative operations in front of Croatian authorities and regulatory agencies
  • After registration of your company is finished, our team of certified experts in the field of Auditing, Accounting, Financial Analysis, and Tax advisory can offer you various services. From business planning, budgeting and financial modeling, TAX advisory to accounting and bookkeeping, payroll calculations for employees, salaries list creation, payment instructions, and other related business services.

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