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Accounting outsourcing

Outsourcing allows you to leave the activities that are not your core business to financial experts. This is a reduction of costs up to 50%, opportunity for the company to focus on core business, bigger and faster efficiency, maximum increase in work power, flexibility, and ability to approach highly qualified employees.

You can completely rely on us for these services:

  • Help with establishing the company, creation of Articles of Incorporation, registration, and registering the company with the authorities.
  • We create accounting policies and chart of accounts according to specific needs of every client.
  • Financial accounting: daybook and general ledger
  • Analytical records and other auxiliary records, fixed assets registry and related depreciation calculation, customers and suppliers sub-ledgers, cash transactions, travel orders, and other according to your specific needs
  • Records of incoming and outgoing documents as well as their classification
  • Creating tax records
  • Creating and filling out government and regulators required statements and reports
  • Creating reports for investment and project follow up
  • Creating reports for management, including profit reports, balance sheets, cash flow, payment per customer, debts to suppliers, etc.
  • Recapitulation of claims and liabilities
  • Payment via Internet banking
  • Availability of data 24/7
  • Human resources
  • Employee registration
  • Contract administration
  • Calculation of salaries, contributions, provisions, bonuses and other
  • Payment and records
  • Creating and controlling travel orders
  • All forms of reporting related to financial transactions in relation to human resources
  • Salary payment via Internet banking

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